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Dream Catchers

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Two children explore their dreams!

A show designed for children and featuring more than 25 giant puppets ranging from 1 to 4 metres high (3 to 12 feet high). Often funny, sometimes frightening, always magical, this is a show that answers children’s questions.

Just like adults, children express their hopes and wishes as well as their fears and frustrations through their dreams. The Dream Catchers explores the dream world. The play tries to help children and spectators to better understand their dreams and to discover tools to change their outcome.

Based on a study of 500 children aged 6 to 12 years old, Henriette Major, the author, and André Thouin, a dreams specialist, chose the characters from those who appear most frequently in children’s dreams. The story begins with the most innocent dream (a delightful garden) through the most frightening one (a horrible monster hidden under the bed) and finishes with the most satisfying (where the dreamer flies).

Show lenght: 50 minutes

Author: Henriette Major
Artistic director: André Viens
Music: Pierre Voyer
Puppet design: Marc Mongeau
Lighting design: Claude Accolas

Puppets, sets and props have been produced by Théâtre Sans Fil Montreal’s workshop.

Workshop Director : Jaqueline Larouche
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