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Its first adventures 1971-1976

After its foundation in 1971 by André Viens, now Artistic and General Director of the company, with other students from the Montreal's University of Quebec, the Théâtre Sans Fil creates L'Araignée (The Spider), based on a Japanese Nô play.

Between 1971 and 1976, the TSF toured in Quebec with the adult productions such as Hé Zop! and Monsieur Mockinpott. These were years of learning, artistic research and social engagement.

Its debut on international stages 1977-1986

From 1976 to 1981, adaptations Native-American legends and The Hobbit, in both French and English, allowed the company to reach audiences throughout Canada. In 1980, it represented Canada at the World Puppet Festival in Washington D.C. and at the 43rd National Puppeteers Festival of America in Atlanta. TSF's innovative approach is undeniable and the success of its productions is instant.

In 1984, The Hobbit performed to sold-out houses at the Olympic Arts Festival in Los Angeles for which TSF was designated as Cultural Ambassador of Canada for the 1984 Olympic Games.

Its rise to success 1985-.

In 1985, TSF created The Lord of the Rings.The Montreal Urban Community Arts Council as well as the Ottawa Media Critics Club awarded their 1986 Grand Prize to TSF in recognition of this production. Since its creation, this production has been played over 350 times, reaching audiences of 370 000 spectators in America, Europe and Asia.

1992 saw the birth of The Dream Catchers, a play by Henriette Major, inspired by children's dream and nightmares and catering specifically to young audiences. It had its world premiere at La Guardia Theater in New York. Thereafter this production was seen on three continents with over 350 shows in French, English and Spanish.

1992 was also the year of the 350th anniversary of the founding of Montreal. TSF was commissioned to produce a special production commemorating this event. Pierre Voyer wrote the script for, and André Viens directed Le Grand Jeu de Nuit (the Night Fantastic), a mega-show presented during the entire summer in a specially conceived outdoor amphitheatre. The production attracted 100 000 spectators this first summer and was subsequently remounted in 1993.

In 1994, The Hobbit visited Taiwan, Mexico and the United-States before returning to Quebec to celebrate its 15th anniversary and its 1000th performance.

1995 produced The Crown of Destiny, a play by Henriette Major that explores the world of Scottish legends. Co-produced with the Scottish International Children's Festival.

In October 1999, the world premiere of Ravel, including Bolero and The Child and the Enchantments was presented in conjunction with The Montreal Symphony Orchestra conducted by Charles Dutoit, and included eight soloists and a chorus of forty singers.

In December 2000, the theatre's latest creation, Humperdinck´s opera Hänsel and Gretel, was created in collaboration with the Metropolitan Orchestra of Montreal. Its premiere took place at Place-des-Arts for the Christmas season where it attracted 6 000 spectators.

Since its beginning, the TSF has visited the four corners of the world. Its creations have reached over 3 million spectators already in over 25 countries and 4 continents. Year after year, the TSF conquers new publics and confirms its role as cultural ambassador.
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