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Since its inception in 1971 Théâtre Sans Fil has been engaged in several types of activities beyond its theatrical performances.

Le Grand Jeu de Nuit ( the Night Fantastic)

Multimedia sound and light show

Worthy of mention is a very special event titled Le Grand Jeu de Nuit which has largely contributed to TSF's renown in Quebec and elsewhere. In the spring of 1992, Montreal's 350th anniversary Celebrations Corporation awarded Théâtre Sans Fil a contract to create and produce a "sound and light show" illustrating Montreal's history. This challenge gave rise to Le Grand Jeu de Nuit, a totally new multimedia concept involving an original mixture of theatrical elements revolving around giant puppets.

The show rapidly became Montreal's "must see" in the summer of 1992 and was sold out for every one of its 27 performances, which drew audiences of 3000 people each time. It was shown again in the summer of 1993 on Champ-de-Mars, behind Montreal's City Hall. Total attendance for these two seasons, reached more than 150 000 people and the show was acclaimed by the press in unequivocal terms such as:

"A brillant success" - Bruno Dostie, La Presse

"A grandiose performance" - Michel Vaïs, Le Devoir

"Phenomenal, ingenious, exceptional, magnificent, dazzling, fascinating" - Claude Masson, editorialist, La Presse
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