The other day at work my friend Alex was talking about how he has run into the director of our department a bunch of times and noticed that the guy wears the same thing every day. Alex was really surprised considering how baller this guy should be. In response to this, my friend Alexis said she’d definitely wear the same thing every day if she made that much money. I was shocked. It was so opposite of my thinking. Since I finished college I’ve been trying to bring my wardrobe up to the level I feel is appropriate, slowly building my closet up for the job I want, not the job I have kind of thing. It’s taking time but part of the whole process is figuring out what you like, what styles, what brands, what fabrics. Fancy Friday is part frivolous, part aspiration. A few years ago I would have never seen myself toting around a Coach purse and now I own two. If I hadn’t found these Velvet Slipper-style Loafers with the tortoise shell bow for a Pinterest Picks post a little while back, I would have never realized that Salvatore Ferragamo has gorgeous pieces that are in line with my style.

You can just tell from the leather that these are super high quality luxury pieces. If I were upper management I’d be rocking some Ferragamo because this stuff is legit. I love the colors they use as well as their neutrals. It’s not just one or the other, the colors are vibrant and their neutrals are classic. My dream shoe would be the D’Orsay Pump in Python. I’ve never loved the look of python until this shoe. But the Tote in Calfskin is close to first in favorites. The leather and handbag construction is perfect and simple.